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Music and Lyrics

Posted by: Herr Prof. Dr. von Korncrake on April 10th, 2007

Last Tuesday afternoon, as I was trying to slip out four hours early, the director of our division, Herr Prof. Dr. Kleimann, ambushed me in the hallway. “Herr Prof. von Korncrake,” he asked, “I understand from your assistants that you are an afficionado of the comedic cinema?” “Yes, Herr Direktor,” I said, forcing a cheery […]

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Blades of Glory

Posted by: Herr Prof. Dr. von Korncrake on April 4th, 2007

Last night, at the behest of my chief research assistants, Helmut and Manfred, I attended the cinema. It all started after lunch, during the early afternoon cigarette break. “Herr Professor Doktor von Korncrake,” said Manfred, as he and Helmut stood at the door to my office, their attitudes properly deferrential, “you should perhaps go see […]

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