Berlin Wall Stolen?

“Guten Morgen, Herr Prof. Dr. von Korncrake,” said my chief research assistants, Manfred and Helmut, as I entered the office this morning.

“Guten Morgen, gentlemen,” i replied, removing my coat and hat and handing them to Helmut.

“Have you seen the news, Herr Professor?” asked Manfred excitedly, “the Berlin wall was stolen this morning!”

“Manfred, the Berlin Wall ceased to exist in 1990. I remember it vividly.”

“No, no, Herr Professor. I meant to say that someone has removed one of the commerative pieces of the wall that remained…” He was jabbering now.

“Precision, Manfred! Precision!”

It turns out that the city authorities of Berlin had removed one of the remaining sections of the wall to allow work to proceed on a project. But, I knew that even before Manfred had mentioned it, for I had read about it over a hearty breakfast of Frühstück Weisse and Pop Tarts.

One Response to “Berlin Wall Stolen?”

  1. raincoaster responds:

    Ah, but Herr Professor, “removed to allow work to proceed on a project” is just what they did to Poland, too.

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